Master Peace Bedroom-One Room Challenge Fall 2018

We are in the home stretch and I coundnt be happier! It may not look like it but this week I made a ton of progress. For starters, the 3D panels are up and looking amazing! it took 5 week to get here but hey, better late than never. I still have to paint over it and finish the 3 remaining walls, so I expect it to look even better.


I am also happy to say that the floor has been installed and it looks amazing, it gave so much warmth to the room. It was my first time using LVP flooring and so far so good. Needless to say, this past week has been hectic with people working on everything.


As you can see, more things have arrived. The rug looks great, It seemed a little darker on line but Im happy with it, and the side tables are beautiful. I am still waiting on the bed, yes you heard that right… THE BED! basically the most important part of the master bedroom decided come in late but if all things go as planned it should be here on time.


I still have a lot to do, but the part that stressed me out the most is over with so I am sure I will finish on time. I honestly think I am going to do most of the hard work on the weekend, like painting and installing curtains. And leave the decorating for Monday.

Wish me luck and come back next week for the reveal!

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Be stellar,



Tina GomezStellar Design