Accent wall with pictures DIY

Pictures are a great way to make your house feel like a home and even turn an average wall into an accent. There are however some tricks and tips I would like to share with you to make this happen. For this post I will use the accent wall on the Oasis Living project as an example.


Like all projects, first you need to figure out your color palette. For this project I went with aqua, yellow, white, gray and green. Then choose your decor to match the palette. Depending on your style you can choose to stick only to squared elements or mix and match like I did. You can also just use frames or hang different objects. It really depends on what you like, just remember that mirrors are always a good choice to add depth and shelves are good to add dimension. 

I like to draw a few sketches once I have the decor and frames and play with it. You can also use Pinterest and search for gallery wall ideas to get inspired. Next up is choosing the pictures for your frames, in my case I decided to go with black and white pictures because I wanted to make the few colors I was using pop in the design. You can choose pictures which have the same color scheme, so the color in the pictures pops out more than the decor.

Now you have an idea of how to distribute your frames, you should always lay everything on the floor and measure the length and height to make sure you have enough space to hang everything. Always make sure to take a picture of your design so you don't forget where everything goes! (believe me it happens).


I like to outline all of the objects with pieces of paper, so I can place them correctly on the wall and level them out. It is time consuming but the result is worth it. As you can see, I outlined the area where I was going to hang everything to help center everything. The good thing of using paper before hanging things is you can take a step back, and see if everything looks good and level, without having to fill you wall with nail holes.

Now the fun part! use Command or nails and hang everything on the wall you just designed. Enjoy your stellar accent wall and brag with your friends. Be proud you made it all by yourself!