From a simple walk-in closet to a nursery- One Room Challenge Spring 2019- Week 2

Week 2 here we go!

If you are not up to date with my last post, I am giving my walk-in closet a second purpose: a nursery. You can read all about it and see the before pictures here.

I’ve spent the last week thinking of ideas for the nursery/closet mood board while analyzing things I have and will reuse. The result is a space themed nursery or “Stellar Nursery” as i like to call it.

mood board.jpg

This mood board process was a little different because it was based on a color palette I already had. The crib, chair and bed duvet dictated the gray, white and aqua. The orange is an added tone to the design that will hopefully bring some light to the room.

I am thinking of using the dresser I already have in the closet and convert it in a changing table. I am also thinking of using a wall cabinet to store diapers and baby wipes.


I want to have only 2 pieces of furniture (crib and dresser) so that it feels open and airy, and will probably use more than 1 mirror to create the effect of a larger space. I am also considering closing the closet with a set of curtains, so the baby doesn’t wake up everyday to see a collection of clothes and shoes. Am I insane?

As for the tricky part of this room (the actual closet space) I am going with the PAX Wardrobe from Ikea to accommodate all of our clothes in less space. This framework is great because it does not require drilling holes in the wall and can be modified in the future, besides the price is a really good deal compared to other closet solutions. This part of the design will take up 75% of my budget so i will have to get creative with the rest of the decor.

My plan for this coming week is to buy everything and start working on the closet, hopefully I will have it finished by next Thursday. Wish me luck! And please leave your thoughts in the comment section bellow. You can also follow me on instagram to keep up with my craziness

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Be stellar,