Stellar Nursery in a Walk-In Closet. One Room Challenge Spring 2019-Week 5

Week 5 is here and the pressure is on!

This was a challenging week, everything was going according to plan until we started changing the light fixture. But before I dwell on what’s left to do, let me tell you about the progress I made.

The dresser/changing table is finally done! and the result is so cool, I am really happy with the ombre and the color choice. I decided to change the knobs and go with silver so that it matches the color of the crib.


Also, I decided to go ahead with the idea of putting up a set of curtains to cover the clothing. At first I wasn’t sure if it needed to be covered but I have to admit we have our messy days and I wouldn't want our boy to spend his nights and naps in a chaotic room (I feel pretty guilty already that he is sleeping in a closet). I went a white set of curtains and my husband installed the railing system on the ceiling.

We also assembled the crib and finally got a sense of the space. It turned out to be perfect! I feel like the process of this room has been super slow but I get excited (and relieved!) every step of the way.


Now the bad news… We have a basic fluorescent light in the closet (which is not even centered in the room!) and as we were changing it into a pendant light we realized the whole installation is different. This feels like we took an enormous set back because it’s pretty pricy to change the position and the box of the light fixture. So unless we find a good price for the job or take it on ourselves it looks like the fluorescent will have to stay. Do you have any tips or advice?

With one week left to go, I hope to finish in time. Most of the decor is ready to go so I won’t have any set backs due to shipping and hope to have it all in place this weekend.

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Be stellar,