Master "peace" bedroom- One Room Challenge Fall 2018- Week 1

Hi everyone!

I am super exited to announce I will be participating as a guest in this fall’s One Room Challenge. I came across this Challenge a few months ago and was blown away by its purpose of inspiring and motivating everyone who participate to finish a room in 6 weeks. If you are already interested, you can read more here.


During the next 6 weeks I will be transforming my master bedroom. I am going to be honest here, we moved to our house over 2 years ago, and all you can find in my room is a king bed, two night stands and… that’s it! I took as a priority designing other rooms, like my children’s bedrooms and living spaces since it is were we spend most of our time. In a way, this has a positive side: I have a blank canvas to work with!

Master bedroom

Master bedroom

Size of the master bedroom

Size of the master bedroom

It is challenging to design spaces for myself but on the bright side I already know what I need and want in this space. The room is quite large and very bright, so there is more than enough space to design a lounge space to read, write or just sit down and unwind. I am looking to do a window treatment that will allow the space to be dark when its time to sleep and also bright during the day. I am really inspired by some mid century modern furniture I found and will use those pieces as focal points.

I am looking to evoke feelings in this room, I think it is in the bedroom where we meditate about our day and life, and everyday I am thankful for my husband and kids. I want this space to show who we are as a family. As for color pallete I chose green as my dominant tone and a few other cheerful ones. Green reminds me so much of my home country Guatemala, for its green landscape. It is in a way a tribute to our roots, and the color is also very relaxing.


Join me in this exciting process! I will be posting about this project every Thursday until completion. Make sure to follow me on instagram as well

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Be stellar,